Who manages schools?

The Schools Act states that parents, teachers and learners have an interest in the management of schools.

Who can be elected to serve on governing bodies?

Parents, teachers and children have an interest in the effective management of schools. Any parent with a child in school can stand to be elected to that specific governing body. Teachers and any learner in grade 8 or above may be elected. Additional co-opted members of the community (people who do not have a child in said school but lives in the community of the school) may also serve on a school governing body. The principal of a school will automatically be a member of the governing body. The majority members of a school governing body must, however, consist of parents.


Who can vote in governing body elections?

According to the Schools Act, both parents of a child may vote in the elections. There are two types of elections: Full day elections or elections over a longer period. This year, the elections will take place in March.

A good SGB member is...

Governance is all about helping good people do great things.
Be the difference for South Africa's future.

interested in what is happening in education.

willing to take the role seriously.

open-minded and critical.

prepared to put the good of the school above all else.

Members of a school governing body are people
who care enough to make a real difference.