Admissions to public schools are mainly governed by the following documents: the South African Schools Act, No. 84 of 1996 (“SASA‟), more particularly section 5; the National Admissions Policy for Ordinary Public Schools; applicable provincial legislation,as well as the school’s own admissions policy drafted by the school governing body in terms of section 5(5) of SASA. The governing body must ensure that the school has a comprehensive admissions policy and that the school principal implements it to the letter. Parents must enrol learners in the year preceding the year in which the learner wishes to attend school. In terms of section 5(7) of SASA, learner admission to a public school must take place in the manner determined by the Head of Department (HOD).FEDSAS has prepared a draft admission policy for our member schools, which they can adapt to serve their specific needs. The issue’s regarding admissions are also discussed in many legal opinions on the FEDSAS website to give our members proper guidance in this regard.