Language of tuition

The language of instruction at the school, means the language in which all subjects (apart from languages as subjects) are taught at the school and which constitutes the general language used to communicate with interested parties such as educators,parents and learners. Last mentioned is determined in the school’s language policy by the school governing body. This right is confirmed in Section 6 (2) of the Schools Act.The governing body should note the provisions of section 29(2) of the Constitution when it determines a language policy for the school. The governing body also needs to note the preamble to the Schools Act and the Norms and Standards promulgated in terms of section 6(1) of the Schools Act when it determines a language policy for the school; and in the case of a provincial act for school education in the particular province, and should such act contain provisions relating to language policy at schools, those provisions will need to be considered too.It is well known that language issues and the language policy of a school can often lead to conflict situations. FEDSAS has developed several legal opinions in this regard and a draft language policy can also be obtained from the FEDSAS website.